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Hey guys,

thank You for Your kind words. I try to keep You update as much as possible. There is much cool stuff coming in future.
But now I'm in vacation, so I think new stuff is coming in 2 weeks.

In vacation I will drive a 2.0L NC with stock fuel system and 300hp out of our NC turbo kit with a forged engine. After that I think I will give You a more detailed review of the time with that car. See You soon! ;)

Best regards
Guido from SPS

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Guido@SPS wrote:
20.05.20. 10:40
Hi agolac,

thank You for Your kind words.

Interesting, that the shifter doesn't fit a NC1 transmission. We didn't know that as well.
Yes, you will notice that Fab9 makes 2 different bushings for NC1 ad NC2. NC1 has smaller shifter ball. NC2 ball, even without bushing does not fit into my transmission. My NC1 is imported from Germany so this is not just US thing... I guess Mazda concluded same as me, that this stock one could be better and changed it for NC2> ;o)

"These are precision designed for the NC1 and NC2 6-Speed transmissions (two different bushings)."
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